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Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing, Es befindet sich im dritten Bezirk von Fangqunyuan, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District, Beijing, in der Nähe von Qunxing Straße. Es befindet sich in der goldenen Abschnitt des Stadtgebiets von Beijing, in der Nähe des Tempels des Heaven Park. Es ist ein Wahrzeichen Gebäude im Süden der Hauptstadt mit bequemen Transport.
Es hat ein feierliches und elegantes Aussehen, voll von einem Sinn für die Zeit.Das Hotel verfügt über eine Vielzahl von Zimmertypen, aus denen Sie wählen können. Die Zimmer sind luxuriös, komfortabel, geräumig und hell, mit hochwertigen großen Betten, um Sie einen komfortablen Schlaf.
Das Hotel verfügt auch über ein Konferenzzentrum, eine chinesische und westliche Cafeteria, eine Kaffeebar, einen Fitnessraum, Unterhaltung und andere Full-Function-Unterstützungseinrichtungen, um Ihnen ein komfortables Erlebnis zu bringen.Auf der obersten Etage des Hotels können Sie auch einen 360 Grad Panoramablick auf die Hauptstadt haben.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Wie weit ist das Hotel vom Capital Airport Beijing entfernt?

    Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing ist 27.1km vom Flughafen entfernt.

  • Bietet das Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing einen Abholservice?

    Ja, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns nach der Buchung.

  • Wie lauten die Check-in und Check-out Zeiten im Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing?

    Check-in Zeit ist ab 12:00, und Check-out Zeit ist bis 14:00 im Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing.

  • Hat die Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing einen Pool und das Fitnessstudio?

    Das Hotel verfügt über einen Fitnessraum, aber keinen Swimmingpool. Erfahren Sie Einzelheiten zum Pool und anderen Ausstattungen auf dieser Seite.

  • Hat die Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing ein Restaurant vor Ort?

    Ja, Sie können im Hotel essen.

  • Hat das Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing Breitband oder Wifi?

    Ja, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rezeption.

  • Akzeptiert das Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing eine Vorauszahlung?

    Ja, bitte geben Sie die Bestellung vor der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns ein.

  • Akzeptiert das Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing Kreditkarten?

    Nein, das Hotel akzeptiert keine Kreditkarten.

  • Wie viel kostet das Frühstück des Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing?

    Frühstück CNY88 / Person.

  • Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Zhongle Six Star Hotel Beijing?

    Die Preise beginnen bei CNY858, Dies hängt vom Zimmertyp und dem Datum ab.

Bewertungen Mehr
  • Action
    Very good. I went late and there was a parking space. Very good
  • Amy.Wang0
    It is the fashion industry that implements love I love in this life
  • viviliang
    It's a good location. It's busy and quiet. It's convenient for food and shopping. It's only ten minutes to walk to Quanjude and Carrefour. The room has been redecorated. It's a good feeling. It's just that there are tea stains on the cup. I hope you can pay attention to them.
  • abccd
    Originally, this hotel has stayed many times, and each time the accommodation is also very good. But this time, something very unpleasant happened. I found that the hotel waiter and the two women waiters at the front desk were very bad. They robbed the guest's mobile phone in the negotiation process. We only made a video to retain the evidence of the negotiation content. The hotel has its own monitoring, but we don't have it. We can only use mobile phone video. And there was no response to complain about the negotiation contents to the hotel. I don't know what the hotel management did to eat. The so-called complaint phone is the front desk phone. I really don't know if this hotel thinks it's not worried about its business and is so capricious. Anyway, my colleagues and I will not stay in this hotel again in the future.
  • eyuan1200
    A good hotel on the whole. This grade of hotel is only 600, the price is very affordable, the transportation is also very convenient, very close to the South Railway Station. There are two courtyards next to the hotel. The armed police are on guard at the door, but there is no sign of the unit. Let's think about what department this is
  • liyiyunit
    not bad
  • Alive
    Very good. The guests like it better
  • fangxiujuan1967
    Breakfast is not interesting, it should be improved
  • janeying
    The room is large and hygienic
  • fangmin123
    Good, good! it 's not bad. Make do with it!
  • danielletang
    The environment is very good and the room is very clean. We strongly recommend the buffet on the next floor. It's very good
  • njuroy
    very good
  • e00955342
    Good location. It's a good hotel in the south of Beijing. I have stayed in this hotel five times. Breakfast is quite good in Beijing hotels. Hotel is my favorite type. I'll check in next time
  • donwilson
    The facilities in the hotel are OK, but the service is too poor
  • Abby-wong
    not so bad
  • Gobey
    OK, the hotel is OK. The shortage is that it's a little far from the subway.
  • e00437697
    All kinds of facilities in the hotel are quite good, and the surrounding transportation is also very convenient!
  • annsum
    Around the unit, convenient
  • freelystarby
    The hotel environment is very good, and the waiter's attitude is also very good.
  • swimming75
    OK; -)
  • can8378
    I feel good
  • daniellang
    The service of the hotel is pretty good, the sanitation is pretty good, the room is a little small.
  • empty
    Convenient transportation, average facilities and breakfast.
  • liuynb
    It's a very good hotel. The room rate includes breakfast and is cost-effective.
  • jreese6598387
    Not good
  • junjun0320
    not bad Very good! Cost effective! Convenient traffic!
  • liuping76cn
    Breakfast is too monotonous!
  • larcair
  • nbscene
    not bad
  • louise.lee
    This was an unpleasant stay. I was harassed by mosquitoes all night. I asked the hotel for mosquito killers. I was told that there was no mosquito killers. I sent two mosquito killers. Ha ha, ridiculous.
  • minmin0613
    One day, I chose 8 hotels, and finally I'm willing to stay here. It's six stars! I like the sunshine and soft bed
  • stella.route
    It's a very good hotel. I checked in more than once. The transportation is quite convenient, because it is very close to the business trip, so I have lived several times, and it has always been good. When I go back in the evening, there are fruit gifts. It's very warm. The bathroom is also spacious and bright. The hotel floor is relatively high, especially compared with the surrounding buildings, it is a good enjoyment to see the night view at night.
  • allan-wang
    Not bad
  • redrett
    The service was very good, the breakfast was relatively simple, the whole was pretty good, if the windows didn't leak, it would be excellent.
  • sweetcapic
    The facilities are very new, but the room doesn't seem to be as big as it is written. The bed is relatively small. The quilt given in summer is still very thick. The details are more user-friendly
  • sjj02
  • E03360574
    not bad Stay regularly
  • baby girl
    Room smell, Fangzhuang is a good choice
  • andale1988
    Very satisfied
  • babe cat
  • liryan
  • jeff2093
    Very good hotel, good service, friends are very happy
  • Marywang1005
    I ordered it on behalf of my friends. It's said that I'm still satisfied with it. It's in order.
  • junleiwang
    Good recommendation
  • Danielung
    The surrounding environment, room facilities are very good!
  • tyfan
  • answer709394
    Very good, satisfied
  • loretta55
    not bad
  • a13706640087a
    The service attitude of the hotel is amiable and the facilities in the room are very good. I'm satisfied. I can park for free. It's very good. I'll come again next time
  • lileleon
    OK, good
  • boyman999
    It's a good choice to stay in this hotel in Fangzhuang area. The room is spacious, the bathroom is large, and the evening is quiet. It's just that the breakfast ends a little early.
  • jenny823
    not so bad
  • Lily13579
    Very good value for money, service facilities are good, clean
  • E04909630
    The environment is very good, the location is very convenient, it is very close to the subway, and my husband is very satisfied. I call it love nest. I will choose here to meet in Beijing in the future. Oh ~ generally speaking, the letter price ratio is very good
  • Edoli
    not bad
  • caddylai
    There are too few TV stations, the front desk is too slow and not capable at all
  • d98765
    The front desk needs to be improved
  • icuis
    not bad
  • loxif
    It's a very good one. It has a good geographical location, a good environment and a very clean room
  • jojotongxie
    I've lived many times. The air conditioning in this room is very hot. Breakfast ends at 9:30. It's too early. Everything else is good
  • davia
    The hardware is good, the surrounding environment is less messy, just make it cheaper
  • Apple0219
    It's very good. It's just that breakfast is a little bit grudging. Make do with it!